WBA Gender Inclusion Report

Posted on Wednesday, May 19th, 2021

 Wyndham Basketball is delighted to share with our members the full report of the “Evaluation of Gender Inclusion Strategy and Practices” prepared by Dr Brent McDonald, Dr Fiona McLachlan and Sophie Byrnes, Institute for Health and Sport, Victoria University. 


In November 2020, the WBA Executive approved the establishment of a Gender Inclusion Sub-Committee to be responsible for analyzing the recommendations in the report. The Sub-Committee will review the key findings and implement changes in line with the report’s recommendations. 

Since November 2020, the sub-committee has met on several occasions to discuss and prioritize the recommendations. The sub-committee have prioritized the recommendations as per below: 

  1. Develop policies and practices to reduce the levels of hostility and aggression that are apparent at all levels of the game at WBA, including zero tolerance for referee abuse 
  2. Build a community of practice model between Domestic clubs to harness collective problem solving and develop an inclusive and supportive sporting culture 
  3. Ensure that the WBA website and social media communications content is 50/50 gender representative 
  4. Establish that reporting on targets becomes a standing item on the agenda of all WBA meetings 
  5. Provide specific women only coaching courses 
  6. Set clear participation targets (ratio) for girls and women for 2025 
  7. Develop competition structures that overcome the talent differentials between purely domestic and representative players 
  8. Conduct active research program with Domestic clubs and coaches to enhance their capacity to ensure change occurs and targets are met 

The sub-committee has established the following initial actions below to address some of the recommendations: 

  • Develop a campaign to improve the behavior of our members within the WBA community 
  • Review and implement changes to existing policies and procedures that will support the behavioral improvements by all members within the WBA community 
  • Implement the Female Coach Development Series 
  • Review the outcomes of the Basketball Victoria – Female Coaches Survey 
  • Review the current WBA products available to female participants 
  • Develop a campaign to increase female participation in all areas of the association 

To enable the association to be successful in achieving a change of culture, an increase of gender inclusion within our programs and a clear pathway for players, coaches and officials, the sub-committee will be developing a three year strategic plan to achieve these goals. 

The sub-committee also encourages domestic clubs to work cohesively with the WBA and other members of the association, to implement these changes and work to establish a friendly, diverse and exciting environment. 

The Executive Vice-President and chairperson of the sub-committee, will provide further updates at the upcoming Domestic Committee meeting on Thursday 20th May 2020. 

Domestic clubs and members of the association unable to attend the Domestic Committee meeting can provide feedback or ask questions by emailing the sub-committee via info@wyndhambasketball.com. 

Mario Costa 

Wyndham Basketball Association 

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