U21 boys team selections

Posted on Thursday, November 15th, 2018

The WBA would like thank all athletes for attending the 2018/19 U21 VJBL Werribee Devils tryouts. We would also like to thank all the coaches and volunteers who helped us during the tryouts.

We had a great turnout at the try-outs, which lead to a very competitive process.

We are pleased to announce the WBA will look to field 3 U21 teams taking our overall 2018/19 VJBL total to 42 teams – a fantastic result for our program.

Congratulations to all successful players and best of luck for the coming season. To the players who were unsuccessful in making a team, we sincerely thank you for your efforts and wish you the best of luck in your future basketball endeavors.


  1. U21.3 is an extended squad of 14. Final selections to be made at a later date.
  2. U21.3 is not garanteed to go ahead unless a suitable head coach can be sourced.
  3. Further assistant coaches will be confirmed after consultation with the head coaches. If you’re interested in being an assistant coach CLICK HERE.

(Players listed in ALPHABETICAL order by surname)

U21.1 Boys

Cooper Barker
Brad Davies
Josh Ierado
Nathan Jones
Mitchell Keogh
Evann Low
Colby Pigott
Ronan Povh
Marcus Remy
Cameron Sutherland
Noah Wardrop
Joshua Zilavec

Coach: Paul Povh

U21.2 Boys

Sagalee Aba-Omer
James Bilek
Max Cunningham-Craggill
Rhys Deegan
Taite Doidge
Naim Douared
James Ferris
Jordan Groot
Blake Hall
Lachlan Luca
Brayden Salmons
Ralph Tina

Coaches: Jake Gatti and Michael Doidge

U21.3 Boys

Phillip Ager
Linden Cini
 Athan Jazper Caolboy 
Nathan Ellis
Om Jani
Alex Latour
Bailey Noke
Levi Makiri
Matthew Paul
Deon Singh
Younis Shide
Jack Shorney
Ben Wilson
Lachlan Wilson

Coach: TBA

IMPORTANT: Please read the following information in relation to your selection in a team:

  1. All athletes will receive an acceptance email from their appointed team coach.
  2. Athletes must reply and accept their position in the team before 5pm on Friday 23rd November. Failure to accept your position by the above date may result in your position on the team being given to another athlete.
  3. In addition, to secure your place in the team, a Commitment Fee of $80 is due to be paid by Friday 23rd November 2018.  Please note the Commitment Fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. (It will be refunded if the U21.3 team does not go ahead)


  4. Teams are not finalised until the start VJBL Grading Phase 2. Athletes may be moved between teams based on commitment, attitude, performance, attendance etc. OR if the selection panel deems it necessary due to issues with selections at the end of Grading Phase 1.
  5. Teams that are yet to have a coach appointed are NOT guaranteed to play VJBL and will be withdrawn if a suitable coach cannot be sourced.

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