Wyndham Basketball 2020/21 VJBL REP Squad announcements

We would like thank all athletes for attending the 2020/21 Wyndham Basketball VJBL tryouts. We would also like to thank all the coaches and volunteers who helped us during the tryouts.

Congratulations to all successful players and best of luck for the coming season. To the players who were unsuccessful in making a team, we sincerely thank you for your efforts and wish you the best of luck in your future basketball endeavors.


  1. Any team named without a head coach is not guaranteed to go ahead unless a suitable coach can be sourced by 10am on Friday 11th December. If you’re interested in being a head coach email Jackie Gibson (Jackie.gibson@wyndhambasketball.com)
  2. Further assistant coaches will be confirmed after consultation with the head coaches. If you’re interested in being an assistant coach email Jackie Gibson (Jackie.gibson@wyndhambasketball.com)

Click on the age/gender to see full team lists:

U/12 Girls 

U/12 Boys

U/14 Girls

U/14 Boys

U/16 Girls 

U/16 Boys

U/18 Girls 

U/18 Boys

U/21 Boys

***IMPORTANT*** Please read the following information in relation to your selection in a team:

  1. All athletes will receive an acceptance email from their appointed team coach. For teams listed without a head coach currently, you will receive your email from Wyndham Basketball staff.
  2. Athletes must reply and accept their position in the team before 5pm on Friday 11th December. Failure to accept your position by 5pm Friday 11th December may result in your position on the team being given to another athlete.
  3. In addition, to secure your place in the team, a Commitment Fee of $80 is due to be paid by Sunday 13th December 2020.  Please note the Commitment Fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.


  4. For the full fee structure for the 2020/21 season please CLICK HERE. Athletes and parents should consider the financial and time commitment required to play VJBL rep basketball before accepting their position.
  5. Teams are not finalised until the start VJBL Grading Phase 2. Athletes may be moved between teams based on commitment, attitude, performance, attendance etc. OR if the selection panel deems it necessary due to issues with selections at the end of Grading Phase 1.
  6. Teams that are yet to have a coach appointed are NOT guaranteed to play VJBL and will be withdrawn if a suitable coach cannot be sourced by 10am Friday 11th December.
  7. Compulsory information Sessions will be held for all players and parents. These are important sessions that further explain the information in the handbook. Details will be confirmed shortly.
  8. Uniform fit-out for new players will be held on Sunday 13th December during training times.


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