Volunteers Needed for WBA Champ Committee – fundraising and events

The Championship Committee is responsible for overseeing fundraising and events for the championship program and providing support for the operations of the representative program – including junior representative (VJBL) and senior representative (Big V) – and we are looking for some enthusiastic fundraising and events volunteers to take our representative program from strength to strength in 2019!

Championship Committee positions typically require around 4-8 hours per month (some of which must be completed on evenings and weekends) and key activities include:

  • Fundraising – Helping keep rep player fees low through fundraising events and activities
  • Events – Organising and running key events such as Big V launch, VJBL presentation day, Big V presentation night
  • Big V Game Day Support (March to August) – Driving increased attendance as well as ensure key roles are filled (door staff, floor wipers, video and music)
  • Uniforms & Merchandise – Uniform and merchandise fit-outs and sales, as well as providing input into the design of new items


To join the team, please nominate for one of the following Championship Committee positions which will be filled at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Sunday 9th December at 10:00am: Vice Chairperson* (2 year term), Secretary (2 year term), Treasurer* (1 year term), and 5 x General Committee (1 year term).  Nominations must be submitted to the WBA Secretary via the WBA Office at the stadium during office hours or via email to secretary@werribeebasketball.com no later than Friday 30th November 2018, using the form attached. If any roles do not receive nominations by this date, then nominations may be accepted from the floor at the AGM.

Volunteers are vital to the ongoing success of the WBA representative program, and volunteering is a challenging and rewarding experience.  Please consider volunteering for the Championship Committee, and help us to keep our fees low!

For more information, please contact info@werribeebasketball.com


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