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Western Elite Squad Training (WEST) is a high performance program designed to feed into the Basketball Victoria elite pathway. Wyndham’s coaching staff hand-selected athletes who are identified as having the attributes required to advance.

The WEST has capped numbers and is a selective program. The WEST provides athletes with the holistic knowledge, skills and understanding required to move into Basketball Victoria’s and Basketball Australia’s elite player pathway.

The WEST Selection Criteria

  • Commitment
    • The athlete attends all VJBL team practices and games;
    • Basketball is considered the athlete’s #1 sport; &
    • The athlete is ambitious about progressing further in the athlete pathway.
  • Age group and team level (U/15s & U/18s WEST)
    • Athletes must be bottom age U/16s or top age U/16s, bottom age U/18s or top age U/18s; &
    • Athletes must be playing in a Werribee Devils VJBL 1st
  • Age group and team level (U/14s WEST)
    • Athletes must be top age U/14s; &
    • Athletes must be playing in a Werribee Devils VJBL 1st

(Please note: In exceptional circumstances, athletes who fall outside these parameters, may be considered for selection. These exceptions are made at the discretion of the WEST selection panel).

  • Basketball skills and attributes
    • Technical – The athlete demonstrates a high level of technical basketball skills including footwork, shooting, passing, ball handling and individual defence.
    • Tactical – The athlete demonstrates a high level understanding of tactical basketball concepts including key and advanced offensive and defensive strategies.
    • Physical – The athlete possesses an athletic profile that translates to them being identified as potentially elite e.g. height, wingspan, jumping, sprint speed, agility etc.
    • Psychological – The athlete is mentally tough, resilient, open to constructive criticism and understands the importance of being a good teammate.

Athletes cannot be selected if they are already part of the Basketball Victoria State Development Program (SDP).

 The WEST Selection Process

  • The WEST selection panel utilizes the above selection criteria to select a limited number of athletes from Wyndham’s VJBL program.
  • Selected athletes are invited to participate in the WEST program via email from the Player and Coach Development Manager.
  • Athletes are given a period of time to accept their position in the program and pay the first fee installment. If athletes do not accept their position, their place in the program may be offered to another athlete.
  • Places in the program may be terminated at any time based on athlete attitude or commitment.

(Please note: All selections are made at the discretion of the WEST selection panel utilizing the selection criteria outlined above).


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