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A request for a Special General Meeting (SGM) signed by 11 Wyndham Basketball Association Domestic Clubs (WBA) Members has been received.

The Special General Meeting (SGM) will be held on Sunday 11 February 2024, at 10.00 am. It will be held at Eagle Stadium – 35 Ballan Rd Werribee VIC 3030.

The request is in accordance with WBA Constitution 8.1.4. A Special Meeting of the WBA shall be held at such time and place, as the Executive Committee shall determine. A Special Meeting may also be called on the written request of the Executive Committee or by twenty percent of clubs and teams duly registered and eligible to vote. In either event, the Secretary of the WBA shall give notice of at least one (1) calendar month to all members of the WBA. The only business to be transacted at that meeting is that which was stated at the time the meeting was requested.

The purpose of the Special General Meeting (SGM) shall be to discuss a number of questions raised by the 11 Domestic Clubs, under the following categories:

1. Governance

2. Communication & Transparency

3. Strategic Plan & Direction

4. Brand & Reputation

5. The Way Forward

Please provide an in-depth explanation of Wyndham Basketball Association (WBA) and Wyndham Basketball Limited (WBL) relating to the following questions.

1. ​Governance
This will provide members and stakeholders with an understanding of both entities, as well as potential nominations for the WBA Executive committee and directors.

• What are the legal entity and structure of both the WBA and WBL?

• The Constitution of WBA is dated 2019. Is the WBA exploring updating the Constitution to reflect the Basketball Victoria recommendation of ‘one member, one vote’?

• Where is the Constitution of WBL located?

• Who are the directors of WBL?

• Who are the shareholders of WBL?

• What are the qualifications, if any, of the WBL directors?

• What are the position descriptions for each position?

• What is the current financial position of WBA?

• Can we please see a detailed financial report for the WBA for FY2022?

• Can we please see a detailed financial report for the WBL for FY2022?

• What is the current financial position of WBL?

• What is the current decision-making process of WBA?

• What is the current decision-making process of WBL?

• Are formal minutes taken for both WBA decisions/discussions?

• Whom is the independent auditor for WBA/WBL?

b. The Domestic Chairperson resigned from the WBA Executive on 28 June 2023 and has yet to be replaced. Therefore, this raises the question; what is the reason for not replacing this position on the WBA Executive?

c. Over the course of 2023, there have been five (5) full-time staff members and two (2) contract positions leaving the WBA. These are two (2) General Managers, one (1) Marketing Manager, one (1) Competitions Manager, and one (1) Basketball Development Officer who were full-time staff members, along with the Bookkeeper and Referee Adviser positions, which were both contracted positions. • The two (2) General Managers and Marketing Manager, all left within their respective probationary periods. What were the reasons for their departures?

• The Competition Manger was in the role for nine (9) months. What were the reasons for them leaving the role?

• What information, which can be released publicly, if any, was provided in the exit interviews of the employees? Have these exit interviews been recorded and kept?

d. There has been changes to the 2024 junior representative program, with the program split into VJBL, 3×3 teams, and Tournament teams. This was highlighted on the WBA social media platforms and in an information session in June 2023.

Is there a document outlining the changes to the junior representative program? If so, where is it located? Who were the author/s of the document and has it been approved by the WBA Executive?

Furthermore, is there a financial impact due the changes to the program to the WBA? For example, if there are less teams playing on a Friday evening, will this result in less revenue from games played at Eagle Stadium and is there an impact on the licencing agreement of the WBA with Western Leisure Services. Additionally, in the reduction of VJBL teams, will this result in players and coaches leaving Wyndham Basketball in pursuit of opportunities at neighbouring associations/programs, and as such, what impact will this have on the junior domestic program for the current season and moving forward into the Winter 2024 season?

e. The senior representative program Head Coaches have been published for 2024, with the Senior Men, Senior Women, and Youth Men, all ‘signing’ three (3) year contract extensions and the Youth League Women Coach, signing for two (2) years. What are the reasons for the Senior Men, Senior Women & Youth Men Head Coaches, who are all male, signing three (3) year contracts, whilst the Youth Women (and only female) Head Coach only signing two (2) years? The two Senior Head Coaches to our knowledge are also employed in roles (employment contracts) with the WBA. Are the Head Coaching positions part of their employment contract or are these separate agreements? If the individual underperforms in either role, does it affect the other? With the Head Coaches signing on for the extended period of time, what impact do these signings have on the 2024, 2025 and 2026 budgets? We recognise the senior representative program is a pathway for participation within the WBA. What is the strategic plan for the senior representative program at Wyndham Basketball? Is there a document outlining the direction of the program? If so, where is this plan located?

f. Whilst referee recruitment is not an issue in the domestic competition, there is an issue with retention. The environment for the referees at junior competition level has been challenging. The WBA introduced the club monitor (pink vest) to observe the behaviour of the coaches, players, and spectators with clubs required to purchase the pink vests. Only a handful of clubs implemented this, however, there was no follow up from WBA to ensure application by all clubs. Are there plans by the WBA to continue this initiative? If so, who is responsible for the implementation? Is the WBA committing funds to this?

Furthermore, there was a meeting in April 2022, with members of the WBA Executive, the TOC representatives, and other interested people, relating to the Basketball Victoria ‘No ref, No play’ initiative. From this initial meeting, there was an action to implement the promotional posters and social media posts, across the WBA competitions and programs. There were basic flyers (A4) printed and placed on the score tables and WBA social media posts a few times. However, following these initial actions, there has been no further actions. Are the WBA still committed to this initiative? If so, what resources have been committed?

2. Communication & Transparency
The WBA Core Values state “We communicate clearly and regularly”, however during 2023 there has been little communication from the WBA Executive following the departure of the Domestic Chairperson.

To the wider Wyndham Basketball community, no official communication other than social media platform posts. To highlight concerns with communication and transparency, we offer the following.

a. No communication relating to staff turnover. The last General Manager finished employment on Tuesday 31 October 2023.

There has been no official notification to the domestic clubs, general membership, or public, relating to the departure. When is the WBA planning to release a media statement? To note, we have also not received any notification when previous GM’s have also left.

b. No communication relating to the impact operationally of the departure of the General Manager, to the members and stakeholders, on the impact on the staff. What are the current staff structure reporting lines? If a member has an interaction with a staff member, and wishes to escalate the matter, who does this escalate to?

c. Domestic Clubs are not receiving invoices in a timely manner. There have been instances of clubs receiving invoices for activity in 2021 and 2022 in the financial year of 2023. What are the reasons for these invoices being sent in 2023?

d. Furthermore, clubs have received statements in November 2023 for invoices dated April 2023, June 2023, and August 2023, however the original invoices have not been received. We understand the previous bookkeeper left in February 2023. • Is there a current person employed as the Bookkeeper? If so, who is it? • What are the reasons for the delays and lack of timeliness of invoices being sent? • What are the reasons for the delays in communication on queries from clubs relating to invoices and statements?

3. Strategic Plan and Direction
In previous years, we have attended the WBA Annual General Meetings where the strategic priorities of the WBA have appeared on ‘a slide or two’ in presentation to the membership. There has however, been no public document released or promoted on the WBA website. The lack of such a document, potentially demonstrates the lack of direction of the WBA along with accountability for the incumbent WBA Executive.

• Where is the current strategic plan of WBA?

• Where is the current strategic plan of WBL? Or does this sit in the WBA strategic plan?

• Changes to the junior domestic competition – Growth? Sustainability? Affordability? Venues? • Changes to the junior representative program – Growth? Sustainability? Affordability? Venues?

4. Brand and Reputation
Since September 2017, there has been a total of 21 staff (either full time or contracted) excluding supervisors (hobbyists) who have departed Wyndham Basketball for one reason or another. Whilst we understand people will often change employment to seek opportunities, be it in sport or another industry, we have concerns relating to the human resource recruitment process, procedures and policies. To add context to this, the list of positions has been; • Five (5) General Managers (all full time) • Three (3) Competition Managers (all full time) • Three (3) Media Managers (all full time) • One (1) Player & Coach Development Manager (full time) • Three (3) Referee Advisers (contract) • Two (2) Bookkeepers (contract) • Four (4) Basketball Development Officers (full time and part time) We are also aware of a total of four (4) Coaching Leads in the junior representative program who have left since 2017, however we are unsure if they were contracted roles or hobbyists.

WBA Vision “To be the Association of choice in Melbourne’s West, providing the opportunity for everyone to participate in the game of basketball.” An organisation having a significant staff turnover in this period of time, (we acknowledge the COVID19 pandemic interference), is potentially placing the brand and reputation of WBA in disrepute or a grey light. What are the strategies the WBA are putting in place to prevent, or mitigate, any potential negative publicity towards the WBA? Furthermore, what if any, guarantees or confidence, are the WBA providing to future employees relating to the stability of employment with the WBA?

No other business is to be conducted at the Special General Meeting

You will need to register your attendance, can you please do so by the link below.

RSVP to attend SGM

Letter from Wyndham Domestic Clubs

WBA Constitution

Please do not hesitate to contact Daniela Borg on for any further information regarding the Special General Meeting.

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